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This is our chance to create
a new future for Louisiana.


"The truth is, if Louisiana were just average in the country, we'd all live 4 years longer and get a 33% raise. That's what bad government is costing us."

Why I'm Running

We have the opportunity now to change the course of Louisiana’s future. I will bring the change we need to improve the lives of the people of Louisiana.

I have always been a servant, whether as a State Department Officer serving my country overseas, as an Eagle Scout, or as part of my church. I have always looked at the world and seen not what is, but what could be. In 2012, I was in Afghanistan when I first read George Washington’s Farewell Address, a moving reflection on the life he dedicated to his country and the challenges he saw ahead. I recognized then the dire need for principled statesmen to lead the state and the country. I promised my wife and God that when I got back to Louisiana, I would do my best to follow Washington’s example.

Louisiana has so many advantages. We benefit from abundant oil and gas, timber, and seafood. The Louisiana stretch of the Mississippi River is a critical link in the country’s transportation of goods. The Mississippi and our energy resources support a vast chemical sector. Louisiana’s culture, fantastic food, and inviting people attract tourists from all over the world. However, instead of using these strengths to propel a diverse and thriving economy, we rely on them to prop up ineffective and inefficient government policies.

The challenges are everywhere: parents need better jobs, children need quality education, businesses need competitive taxes, and everyone needs better roads and bridges. The solutions, too, are everywhere. In areas where Louisiana comes up short, we should look to other states for successful policies. Innovative actions and policies, like fixing our broken tax system and improving K-12 education, will increase the quality of life and opportunity for our citizens.

I believe we have a golden opportunity to fundamentally change Louisiana into a diverse economy and ample opportunity for every citizen. I want parents in Houston and New York to be telling their friends that their kid just got a job in Louisiana, not the other way around. Many believe this is not possible because special interests control the votes in Baton Rouge. I understand the issues and how to fix them. That is why I will not just serve, but lead. Our forefathers once pledged their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor to achieve what seemed like an impossible dream. I am willing to do the same. I need your support.


Yours truly,

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