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Let’s build a brighter future
for Louisiana.


"This election we'll have a choice between career politicians or real solutions, big money or big ideas" 

Fix our Broken Tax System

“I want parents in Houston to be telling their friends that their kid just got a job in Louisiana, not the other way around.”

Every day, more than 100 Louisianans decide to pack it up and move to another state for better opportunities. Every family has been affected by outmigration- kids, grandkids, siblings, and friends moving because Louisiana simply lacks jobs and opportunity. U-Haul can barely keep up with the number of Louisianans trying to leave in pursuit of opportunity and a higher quality of life in our neighboring states. 

As a legislator, I advanced the first bill to eliminate Louisiana’s income tax so that we can compete with states like Texas, Florida, and Tennessee that so many Louisianans have fled to for more opportunity. My tax plan is a comprehensive restructuring of the tax code, eliminating many loopholes and exemptions, to pay for the elimination of the income tax. It will keep tax dollars in local communities, rather than concentrating money and power in Baton Rouge, allowing local communities to invest in their roads, police, and schools. 

As Governor, I’ll get it done so more families can do what ours did- succeed in the state we love.


“Literacy is fundamental and reaches beyond elementary school, driving high school dropout rates, employment, and crime.”

41% of Louisiana’s students are reading below grade-level, making Louisiana one of the lowest-ranking states in this key metric of future success. 


As a father of young children, I’ve led the fight to make sure Louisiana’s students and teachers have the training and resources they need to catch-up when they fall behind, to ensure that every child in Louisiana can read and grow up to their full potential. To make sure our kids are getting the best education, we need to attract and retain high-quality teachers. I’ll work with legislators and local governments to make sure Louisiana’s teachers are paid above the regional average. There is no substitute for a high quality teacher.


As Governor, I’ll continue to bring bold solutions to improve educational outcomes for every child and empower parents by funding students, not systems, so that every child- regardless of their zip code and socioeconomic status- can get the education that best fits their needs. 


"I believe in Louisiana, 

I know we can do better." 



“When making my family budget, we invest first in our priorities. Infrastructure will be one of my top priorities as Governor.”

As a legislator, I voted for historic investments in infrastructure, without raising taxes. We need to reform the Department of Transportation and Development to ensure infrastructure dollars are spent on roads and bridges, not overhead expenses. 

As Governor, I’ll look for innovative solutions to fund infrastructure projects while protecting taxpayers. Every year, taxpayers shell out nearly $1.5 billion in interest payments on our pension debt- a new bridge every year for Baton Rouge, Lake Charles, or Shreveport. That’s the cost of politicians failing to fix Louisiana’s debt- spending on interest, not infrastructure. 

I’ll treat your tax dollars like my family budget, paying down debt and investing in our priorities.


“Every Louisianan deserves to be safe in their community.”

Our police are underfunded and spread too thin. With crime rates up across the state, our police should be focused on property crimes and violent crimes. In the Legislature, I authored bills to increase funding for our police.

With historic police shortages in our cities, from Shreveport to New Orleans, I’ll send Louisiana State Police troopers to patrol the streets and restore law-and-order. There is no better deterrent to crime, than swift and certain justice. 

As Governor, I’ll empower local governments to raise police pay, put more officers on the street, and invest in improving morale to recruit and retain police officers. I will also focus on eliminating the long-term causes of crime, lack of economic opportunity, quality education, and a supportive home.

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