Smarter Spending

Louisiana is living crisis to crisis with too much of the budget protected from spending cuts and no plan for the future.

In Louisiana, we like to spend every dime we have and then maybe a few more. Higher education and healthcare are constantly threatened with cuts because Louisiana has over 400 dedicated funds that lock up most of its revenue. We need to free up this money so that legislators can prioritize the spending cuts that are the most efficient, and we also need to eliminate the use of one-time money to pay for recurring expenses. Finally, we should invest state oil and gas revenues for the future when those resources are gone.

I will promote smarter spending of state money by:

  1. Eliminating unnecessary dedicated funds to allow smarter spending cuts
  2. Prohibiting the use of one-time revenues for recurring budget expenses
  3. Investing oil and gas revenues in an endowment for the state’s future