Improved Infrastructure

Traffic is the price we all pay for poor infrastructure. Funding for new roads needs to go where it is needed most.

St. Tammany has been greatly affected by the lack of state investment in infrastructure. While we are one of the fastest growing parishes in the state, infrastructure spending has not kept up with the growing population. A “quick” drive on LA-22, LA-190, or I-12 at almost any time of day will make it clear how much we are hurting for infrastructure funding. Even though we contribute millions of dollars every year to the state’s Transportation Trust Fund, we do not see those dollars returned to help the people who paid them.

I will fight to improve our infrastructure by:

  1. Ensuring that the majority of fuel taxes are spent where they are collected.
  2. Requiring that Transportation Trust funds are spent only on infrastructure improvements.
  3. Saving taxpayer money by using tolls to finance new road and bridge construction.